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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to visit my website. As you can see from the above images my work as a photographer is quite varied. This has mainly come about because I really enjoy the different aspects of each of these types of work and therefore haven’t seen the need to specialise in one particular area. I also find that the skills and techniques required for one type of work tend to feed into and benefit each of the others. While the subjects I photograph are quite varied, my style and approach tend to remain very similar; I like to keep things straightforward and unfussy, using natural light and real surroundings whenever possible. I always prefer to capture what is actually taking place, rather than giving lots of direction, for example my wedding photography is entirely documentary, with no telling people where to stand and what to do. My garden photography is increasingly about trying to capture the feel of a place, rather than just taking good photos of nice plants. You’ll rarely find me using a tripod; I’m much more likely to be on my knees and covered in mud in an effort to get the shot. And when I photograph families and children it’s all about capturing emotion and expression - not the cheesy grin!